Here are the most relevant papal addresses to the Roman Rota for this course.


1. October 1st 1942.

This allocution focuses mainly on the principle of moral certainty which can be conceptualized using the principles of absolute certainty and mere probability. It can be placed between well-founded or reasonable doubt and in judgement is necessary as well as sufficient since it cannot exist if its indicators suggest that there is not a common origin in truth. In fact, the judge should seek the truth applying his own knowledge and conscience according to the law but never let the procedural law to surpass his personal certainty about an issue. (the original text is only in Italian)

2. October 2nd 1944

A matrimonial trial consists of three unities: end,(judgement in accord with truth and law), direction (the guidelines of people working to reach this end), obligations (divine law). Officers of the tribunal should always seek the truth regardless from their judicial assignments. (the original text is only in Italian)


1. February 12th 1968

In this allocution there is an historical overview of the Roman Rota as well as an emphasis on the use of medical and psychological insights with canonical analysis The jurisprudence of the Rota will be embedded in the new Canon Code. (the original text is only in Italian)

2. February 8th 1973 

This allocution highlights the importance of the canonical equity as the most applicable category in canon law. The external structure of the church is sacrament of its inner life. The Second Vatican Council is a source the new code should be inspired. (the original text is only in Italian)

3. February 9th 1976

In this Latin address to the roman Rota, the pope underlines that  matrimonial invalidity cannot be based on the lack of conjugal love and that the marriage is per se indissoluble so cannot be intrinsically dissolved. (the original text is only in Latin)

4. February 4th 1977

This text addresses the new elements introduced by the new Canon Law . Canonical rights should be exercised in truth and the principle of the universality of the church is emphasized. (the original text is only in Latin).


5. January 26th 1984

The Pope underlines the importance of the judges' legal expertise. Judges should understand about the law and they should be faithful and respectful towards the law. Also the Pope calls for a faster resolutions of cases. Canon 1095 and 1098,