Sua Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmiero, President of the Pontifical Council for the Legislative   Texts  

Sua Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmiero, President of the Pontifical Council for the Legislative Texts  

This course about Mitis Iudex, and about marriage ministry in the Church more generally, is a timely response to Pope Francis’s call for more efficient, more accessible, more rapid Tribunal functioning. It is our hope and expectation that in every particular church, competent pastoral agents will accurately guide the faithful in their desire to regularize their marital status and participate fully in all the sacraments. This course is step in that direction.
                       Msgr. Juan Ignacio Arrieta,     Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Legislative   Texts

                       Msgr. Juan Ignacio Arrieta, 

Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Legislative Texts

I highly commend this initiative of the Tribunal of Newark and the University of Santa Croce. The reform of the marriage law offered by our Holy Father, and his great concern to make the judicial ministry of the Church more accessible to all the faithful, will remain frustrated if there are insufficient pastoral agents capable of implementing the norms according to the mind of the Supreme Legislator. This course is a valuable contribution to training responsible pastoral agents who can make Mitis Iudex a successful, implementable reality in each particular church.

Testimonials from the Participants

I attended the course, Marriage Canon Law Training for Tribunal Pastoral Advocates given by the Metropolitan Tribunal of Newark last year and I highly recommend it. The training is good for those who like to become a Pastoral Advocate for the Tribunal or anyone who thinks an increase in their knowledge as it relates to marriage would benefit their ministries. This course opened my eyes to a deeper understanding & appreciation of marriage and the process of the Declaration of Nullity. As a minister who is working on the front lines with the families who are affected by separation/divorce, attending a training like this could assist in helping to heal wounds and hopefully prevent the spread of the tragedy of divorce.
— Lauren Egan BA CADC, Associate Director, Office of Family Life Ministries of the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ
I have attended many legal education courses over the years (though never one that lasted five days!). I don’t remember one at which the quality of the instruction was so consistently high, the material presented was always so relevant, and the audience participated so enthusiastically, right up to 4:00 on the day of departure. All of the presenters made it a good balance of the academic and the practical, with the right touch of humor thrown in to the mix. I came away very excited to pursue the role of advocate, and it is good to know that we have such deep resources as Fr. Rizzo, Father Navarro, Father Ponce, Fr. Furgiuele and of course Dr. Christina Hip-Flores to draw on as needed.
I do hope that other dioceses will offer similar programs, base on our experience.
— Mr . Alfred Cordasco Esq., Holy Eucharist Church, Cherry Hill, NJ

"Having attended the Advocate class last year as well as this year I have to say that it is invaluable.  I believe that ALL priests and deacons should be required to attend.  This class has great value far beyond Pastoral Advocates.  The information presented sheds a brighter light on the pre-nuptual forms, will aid those who work with pre-cana or engaged encounter, separated and divorced and those who work with couples in crisis. Thank you to all of the presenters for their time and dedication.  This is a class that should stay. "

                                                                                                                                     Fr. Jim Brown

Thank you so much for all the time, effort and energy invested by the team of instructors and the "behind the scenes" people in planning and executing the Training Course. As someone who has experience in such undertakings in Corporate America, I can honestly say this was professional, efficient and effective in every sense. The obvious difference from Corp. America was the level of commitment, concern, buy-in and caring which was so obvious in this course. The response to the "monkey wrench" of sudden 90 degree temps and the concerned response by the presentation team of relocating the classroom was wonderful and as flawless as could ever be expected. The material is quite involved and challenging but the presentations were so well done as to make the material understandable, manageable and far less daunting. While I am humbled by the possibilities which may await in this ministry, I feel very confident in the support and assistance available through the Tribunal. Again, I thank all who participated for teaching me, guiding me and willingly supporting me.

                                                                                                                                       God bless, Tom McHale, May 23, 2017

The Marriage Canon Law Training for Tribunal Pastoral Advocates was exceptional. The course was informative and clear providing a thorough knowledge of the process of the Declaration of Nullity. The presentations gave an insightful and enlightening understanding of the subject matter with excellent reference material to assist the Pastoral Advocates in this important ministry.

Special thanks to the outstanding instructors, Dr. Christina Hip Flores, Fr. Giovanni Rizzo, Fr. Jaimes Ponce, Fr. Matthew Furgiuele, and also to Fr. Prof. Luis Navarro for his guidance. Your invaluable contributions to the contents of this training course are an asset to Pastoral Advocates.
— Sally Zeuner, St. Francis of Assisi Church, Ridgefield Park, NJ

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